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HANDS-ON LEARNING. HANDS-ON LIVING. APPLICATION FILE CREATED FOR: Daniel Rich Dear Daniel, Thanks for submitting your undergraduate application to Wilmington College. Here’s a quick checklist of steps to take right now to ensure that you receive our fastest admission and scholarship decisions … Step 1: Save this file to your desktop and print a copy for your records. This packet contains this checklist, the Official Document Request and your submitted application. Step 2: Ask your guidance counselor to submit your transcript and Secondary School Report form. Please take the following Official Document Request to your guidance counselor and ask that the appropriate materials be submitted ASAP. Step 3: Make sure Wilmington College receives your test scores. Send us your test scores from the appropriate testing service. For your ACT scores, go to Our code is 3362. For your SAT scores, go to Our code is 1909. Thanks again for applying. We look forward to sending you an admission decision! Tina M. Garland Director of Admission Wilmington College Pyle Center Box 1325 Wilmington, OH 45177 P.S. We hope you’ll visit Wilmington College soon (and if you already have, you’re welcome back!). If you are accepted by the College and visit by March 1, 2015, you’ll receive a Pathways Grant when you enroll. To schedule a visit or to ask any questions about us, feel free to call 1-800-341-9318. Office of Admission • Pyle Center Box 1325 • Wilmington, OH 45177 Official Document Request Student: To complete your application, please sign and date this form and deliver it to your guidance counselor immediately. That way, we can give you our fastest admission decision. Daniel Rich 3131 harbison road cedarville, OH 45314 Student release and waiver status: I waive my

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