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Borung Cha English 101 Fall 2008 Personal Narrative essay Due date: 2010-02-03 A Frog In a Well In Korea, people commonly call a person who only thinks in a boundary of what one knows, a frog in a well. Perhaps, it is inevitable that a person think from what he or she knows. However, the lesson from this saying is that one should always try to think bigger, think broader than one already knows because there is always a bigger world out there that one does not know. As many people have been a frog in a well, I think I used to be a frog in the tinniest well until I came to college. The happiest moments of my life are mostly from the time in high school. I went to a school where there were only 200 students from 6th to 12th grade. It was a tiny Catholic boarding school which was hidden in the woods so people who did not know the school was there never got a chance to know it even existed. Except for the fact that it was unbearably cold and I had to attend mass every weekend, I enjoyed the school. It was not because I was a person who loves nature and gathers with family, eats dinner together and share prayers at night, but it was because everything was so easy to get. I was not the most diligent or upright student at the school. There were so much more interesting things to do than studying. I sometimes skipped classes or turned in homework late. I sometimes incited other dormers to violate rules when something got inconvenient for me. However, these behaviors were not capable of dropping me from the school or failing me from the classes. The saint-like monks always forgave me for not doing the homework and not doing very well in class. They always gave me a second chance. Sometimes they tried to make me learn a lesson from certain things I did which was unforgivable, but it never worked because I begged them for a second chance or forgiveness until I

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