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Pro's and Cons of Paper Products Paper has been used for almost two thousand years since its invention in China during the Han Dynasty. Paper has been utilized for a plethora of applications including data recording, as hygienic resources, and as a pivotal innovation in communication technology. Unfortunately, paper is produced on a scale so large, concerns for the well-being of our fellow ecosystems such as deforestation are had. We use paper every day; Everything from recording important data, to doodling, or writing to our relatives or friends across the globe. All the way down to toilet paper and origami. Today, I will be discussing a few ‘pro’s and cons’ of our under-rated, over-used, bleached sliver of tree. Paper is extremely versatile, we’re able to process and fashion the material any way we wish, to our muse for and endless road of applications. Environmentally neutral. It can be reused many time before being rendered useless, the material will bio-degrade and compost back into the earth to supply the next generation of trees with carbon. Unencumbering. We’ve been recording data as people for thousands of years. The technology of paper has completely capsized the way we communicate. Could you imagine what it’d be like to carry a slate over your shoulders with crude looking engravings as you are burdened by the sheer weight of just a few words or ideas? Universally available and accessible. It’s practically weightless sheet for sheet, making shipping cost affordable for just about everyone. We’ve come a long way, and as a people we couldn’t possibly publish our ideas -let alone share these ideas-, without paper. The idea of a book written on slate terrifies me as I imagine having being Thor himself to even flip the page. Paper has been taken for granted as the rise of computer applications have come.Paper, however, isn’t all butterflies and rainbows.

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