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The interrelation of individual coaching, group coaching, and organizational consulting In general, the word ‘coaching’ is very much used in our daily life. It means an ongoing leadership in which an individual receive the assistance from his senior for increasing the level of his skills. It means that it the type of practice in which a trainer or senior supports the other person through a process for achieving his personal or professional results. In short, we can say that coaching means travelling by a coach. At workplace, Coaching is a directive process by a manager. He train and orient an employee to the realities of the work place and to help the employee in removing the barrier in his work for optimum performance. In simple terms, we can say like that coaching is “The art of facilitating the performance, learning and development of another” and “Helping you do your best”. At our workplace, most of the time, we can observe that the manager or immediate boss of a person helps the particular employees in enhancing his level of skills through using the various strategies. It is known as individual coaching in which the supervisor plays the role of mentor, motivator, goal-setter and confidence builder. He used the various strategies through which he helps the individual employees in enhancing the required level of the skills. First, he introspect the employee and find out where he exists in actually and further he uses the goal setting approach. The overall process of the coaching between the individual persona and his coach includes the training program, listening to each other, question and answers, feedback and evaluation and on the job assignment with only one objective that he must achieve the desired target by practicing. Coach uses the different technologies and work process for improving the performance of the individual person and finally he prepares and

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