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Case Study 9/29/2014 Zappos Case study 4 1.) Does Zappos effectively focus on stakeholder happiness, and how does this approach affect the ethical culture? Zappos intends to continue to deliver happiness to its stakeholders. Hsieh says, “At Zappos, our higher purpose is delivering happiness. Whether it is the happiness our customers receive when they get a new pair of shoes or the perfect piece of clothing, or the happiness they get when dealing with friendly customer service reps, or the happiness our employees feel about being a part of a culture that celebrates their individuality; these are all ways we bring happiness to people’s lives.” Zappos believes employees should develop open and honest relationships with all stakeholders…show more content…
Zappos does not complete on price because it believes customers want to buy from the store with the best service and selection. The company strives to create a unique and addicting shopping experience. The spirit of simplicity, innovation, and great service extends to Zappo’s inventory and distribution systems as well. Zappos has one of the few live inventory systems on the Web. If Zappo’s displays an item, it is in stock. Once it is sold out, they remove it from the website- thus reducing customer frustration. They also have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed return policy, and can be returned within 365 days for a full refund. Zappos focuses on customer service, they develop relationships with their customers, including phone calls that last hours and sending pizzas to people’s houses! As for employees, they are treated just as well as the customers. They work in a relaxed and wacky atmosphere, with antics such as nerf wars and donut eating contests. The headquarters features a nap room, and the head honcho has his own cubicle among the other employees, he believes in an open door policy and for it to be successful, there doesn’t need to be a door. If the employees are more engaged in the work they do, the company as a whole becomes more

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