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Hypothesis of Police Brutality The problems with police brutality are major issues that face both law enforcement and the communities they protect. My hypothesis is that a lifelong learning process which lacked training and accountability contribute to police brutality. Police brutality has been a major issue since the 1900’s and continues to be a issue in today’s society that plagues our communities and people. Police brutality is defined as unwarranted use of force, and other mistreatment of citizens as police officers are challenged everyday their mission is to protect and serve but it seems their mission has become shoot first and ask questions later. When looking into the sociological concepts of police brutality you must look into the research that has already been done. Social conflict theorists maintain that the state functions as an instrument of the dominant class, “such as whites and moneyed elites” (Lersch 98). As police departments are a part of the government I believe that the police are protecting the interest of the rich and powerful people within our society. As it seems that not all but most police officers have relayed upon racial profiling to do their work for them. This has sparked issues currently within our society and since the early 1900’s as police have run wild throughout certain communities and place throughout America. Sociological research is very important and crucial to our country and people. Police brutality is a major issue that should be looked into and there should be practical implications into this issue. Research could be and should be done as our country has suffered due to how police currently operate. Research would help educate not only the police but our communities as well. With all that has transpired in Missouri with Michael Brown I believe that the only way for our country to survive is to continue

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