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Organizational Staffing Plan: BUS335 July 29, 2013 Organizational Staffing Plan: Part 1 The Coffee Shop is and employer employee business that will start up with two Store Managers and ten Coffee Servers. Open seven days a week near a college campus in Washington, Dc area. Employment Relationships Coffee shop will have employer-employee relationship. Employment can be terminated by either party at anytime. Terms and agreement will be negotiated. Will be provided to each employee verbally and also in writing. May change in future if employee changes positions or is promoted to different job. Avoiding Claims of Disparate Treatment Coffee Shop will interview/hire potential employees from a broad spectrum. All positions open to all candidates. Male, female, sex, age, race encouraged to apply. All classes are encouraged to apply. Candidates that apply and are qualified will be hired or promoted until all open positions are filled .Equal Opportunity Employer. External Influences to Staffing Economic conditions: College students only looking for part time employment. Hire for summer while school is out. Labor Markets: Supply and demand, very diverse, low wage job to reach unemployed labor force. Technology: Will not serve as a substitute for human interaction. Self serve coffee machines will not be an option. Labor Unions: Will not be unionized. Wages will increase as business grows and expands. Remain competitive and create job growth to keep employers on the job and promotions from within the company. Plan to Manage Employee Shortages or Surpluses Will have flexible work schedule for all employees. Part time and Full time schedule available options. Overtime will be available when needed to meet demand. No more than one employee in vacation at same time. All missed scheduled hours can be made up later in the shift. Strategy for Workplace

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