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  • on July 28, 2013
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Max Molina
M/W 9:00am class
The true glimpse of :MS-13

The lecture that I witnessed from Professor and researcher from USC was very interesting and very unknown to the public. Researcher and professor from Usc and Ucla gave a slide show on a very popular and worldwide   gang such as MS-13 also known as Mara Salvatrucha. He began by telling us that the gang was being outspoken over and making something it was not. The general media made this to be killing organization which it was not. The gang which many fear happens more to be immigrants from hispanic decants that migrated to Los Angeles.

MS-13 which started off as a stone click, that local kids would hang out and listen to heavy metal music and smoke pot developed. The click enjoyed mosh pitting and having a good time when a local gang know as 18th street bullied and "taxed" the MS Stoners. "Taxed" which means harass or bully someone in street terms. The MS Stoners eventually had it with them and fought back. They quickly got fame because the click was mostly from El Salvador, and has escaped the war and had seen horrifying slaughters. The MS Stoners retaliated and had chopped limbs heads or any part of the body so society would fear them. They grew such a strong reputation when they got involved with murders.

The professor talked about how abnormal it was for him to be hanging out with some of the members of MS-13 he also said that he got used to it. Such as when cops would come they would all run different ways. The Professor talked about how lucky he was, on never getting put in the system or being interrogated for any of the crimes. He as well talked about his experience when he got real lucky with dealing with the police department. The story goes, he was driving a couple gang bangers to another location when he happens to get pulled over, the cop was very shocked when he saw the professor driving and plenty of gang bangers in the car. The professor quickly...

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