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Majorie Dorismond Prof. Bucher Enc 1101 T/R 11:15 669691 6 March 2012 My Unique Friend Tammy Everyone has their own quirks that makes them who they are. My dear friend Tammy is a person that could be considered a bit outside of the norm. She is very particular and organized. There are several situations that I have seen her in that make me understand that she is a special person. Everything she touches must be organized and perfect. She is the type of person that makes sure nothing is out of place and that everything has a home. Opinionated is a term that many use around her. Tammy became obviously unique to me when I saw her in front of her locker in middle school. She had all her books wrapped in protective book covers. Each book was placed in alphabetical order in her neon orange locker. Each book was initialed with a label gun and their title written pronounced on the spine of the book. She put magnetic pencil holders on the door of the locker. All her contents were orderly and compartmentalized. It was immaculate to say the least. Another quirk about Tammy is that she needs plenty of notice before we hang out. She is the type of person that is not spontaneous. She has to schedule meetings into her life and she even schedules her relaxation time. One time I called Tammy to go out with friends and she got upset that I asked her in the last minute. She is so quirky that most people get offended by her particular ways, but I understand her personality after all these years. Tammy just needs things to go her way or she ends up hiding. I am one of the only people that pull her out of her cave. In conclusion, it is evident that there are people that are quirky. They are the way they are and it is challenging to change them. There are people like this in everyone’s life. Some choose to be patient with them and others find it hard to deal with them. Quirks can

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