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As in Dante’s Inferno, I have envisioned my own hell. This hell has four levels, and as you move down this hell, each level holds a more intense sinner. Each level has its own way of keeping the sinner there. In the first level given the name Stolen, Sharon Walker resides. In the second level named Drugs, Manuel Noriega is seen. O.J. Simpson is in the third level called Murderers, and Adolf Hitler is in the fourth level called Dictator. As I open the gates to the first level of hell, my journey begins. Being guided by Jordan, I arrive to the first level of hell called Stolen. As I walk into the chamber, rats scurry this way and that. There are no windows, just a small crack in a brick wall to let in a sliver of light. In the far corner of the chamber, I see a human figure. Walking closer I realize it is Sharon Walker. Sharon is in the first level of hell because she stole about $600,000 dollars from the celebrity Charlton Heston. She worked for a business management that had access to his financial information. Her hands and feet are chained to the wall, so she can’t move. I also observe that she is wearing beggars clothing, indicating all her money has been stripped from her. I only ask her this question, “Why?” She never responds so I move on to the next level of hell called Drugs. As Jordan and I move to the second level, we find ourselves standing on a dusty street. Walking down the street we see nothing for miles. But all of a sudden we spot a figure in the distance. Walking closer I identify the figure as Manuel Noriega. Manuel explains his story to me, “I am here, encased in a blanket of dust, because this was once the city where I dealt most of my drugs. I also became a dictator of Panama. I was a drug dealer for the drug lord Pablo Escobar. He paid me $600 dollars a week to do this job; money that I could not pass up.”

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