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Z-Wing Marketing Plan Executive Summary Z-Wing has always been an industry leader although recently their greatest competitor, Janssen has gained a 47% market share. It is Z-Wing’s mission to give consumers a unique aviation experience that no other competitor can match. With that mission in mind Z-Wing is on the verge of introducing an upgraded 888 and a new smaller and faster Z-Aero I which will bring new consumers to the Z-Wing experience. With these new consumers Z-Wing can maintain their industry leader status. To do so Z-Wing must focus on how to market their new products and services to their current customers and the new consumers they wish to obtain. The marketing plan will implement a new website with a customized e-service portal and television ads that will direct the consumer to the new Z-Wing website. The marketing plan and successful implementation will allow Z-Wing to continue to offer consumers a unique experience and allow Z-Wing to maintain its industry leader status in the aviation industry. Situation Analysis Market Summary There has been fierce competition brewing between Z-Wing and its nearest competitor, Janssen, for the past 10 years. The aviation industry has been growing at 5% per year. Although Z-Wing has obtained a 50% market share of the aviation industry, Janssen has recently captured 47% of the market. Since the aviation industry is only growing a small amount per year it is necessary for Z-Wing to retain their current customer base and develop a plan to obtain customers from their closest competitor. SWOTT Analysis Strengths identified for Z-Wing: • The company is the aviation industry market leader • The company has experienced managers • The organization has a good product line and good service • The company has good financial strength realizing $60 billion in annual revenues Weaknesses identified for Z-Wing: •

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