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RIGHT AND WRONG o it is the basis of morality o who or what defines what is right & what is wrong o there is the subjective opinion, which is your beliefs & opnions, and then there is the social standard of the community o what is morality/ o it isn’t entirely objective because to judge an action you need to understand the factor/ circumstances that led to it. The attitude opinion & belief of a person does matter o right and wrong are subjective. What seems right to you could be wrong to others. The terms right & wrong are too loosely defined. To do the ethically right thing, you need to follow your conscience as well as balancing that with the objective view of the community. o Objective: |Not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts. | | | | | | | o Cant argue with it. Its there definitely & you just choose wheterh you believe in it or not. I don't believe a person’s morality is based on any objective judgement. Ethical codes are created form the influence of family religion and experience. For example if you kill someone out fo revenge, you think you are doing the morally right thing as you are acting in accordance with your conscience and your set of morals. However society would condemn such an act as theyd see the bold blooded murder as perhaps

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