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A Reason for an Unborn Decision Abortion is an argumentative issue affecting our society. Many people feel like abortion is cruel because it is killing an unborn child. On the other hand, I believe that it is a woman’s reasonable right to choose especially in different situations such as rape and health issues threatening the mother’s life. At a very young age, my guardians were strict about having sex. However, my parents had a different attitude of becoming a young teenage mother. My aunt had always told my sister and I she didn’t believe in abortions, but my uncle’s actions were different. My uncle was a man of his word; he believed in education first and no pregnancy. My sister and I grew older and became teenagers, we knowledge the experience of having sex. My parents always told my sister and I to use protection if we thought about having sex. As teenagers, we sometimes have the idea of taking situations into our own hands. My sister always felt as if our parents didn’t give us freedom to do what we want as teenagers. My sister would constantly ignore the consequences of having sex. My sister had felt that her relationship with her boyfriend was becoming difficult and she ended up pregnant. She was afraid my uncle would toss her out onto the street to learn the consequences of becoming pregnant at a young age. My sister knew that neither her boyfriend nor she had financial resources to raise a child. My sister was still a junior in high school trying to finish her education. She didn’t want other people to know that she became pregnant. My sister was afraid of the consequences of our parents finding out about her pregnancy. My sister waited six months to tell my parents that she was pregnant. My sister’s father dislikes the fact of her pregnancy. She had a plan for future that didn’t allow for having a child at the present time. She also thought about

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