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Enduring Love. Ian McEwan. How does McEwan tell the story in Chapter 5? When looking at Chapter 5 of enduring love, McEwan uses a variety of different narratives in order to tell the story in Chapter 5. McEwan try's to aproach the thriller aspects with a twist with creating an distration on the mind. He uses the technique of switching back and forth, from Joe believing he herd someone behind him ' there was someone at my back' then turning to discuss about the fight and flight reaction on humans, then returning back to his thought of someone behind him. This allows the reader to stay focused on what is occuring and make the chapter more exciting. Within this he reveals emotions. Science is used through a Narrative Style when shown with Joe having an hyporthesis, with his novel ' as the novel was the most important art form in the last centuary, perhaps its narrative style influenced scientif wriiting'. Learning through the hours of him doing this research, he has ben twiting the facts to fit his idea - this gives the reader a sence that Jed Perrry has been twisting everything to fit his needs and obsession with Joe. The use of short factual sentences such as "I picked up the cordless and dialled last number recall" (pg 47), "Then two things happened" (pg 48) and "I fixed my 12 pages with a paperclip and balanced their weight in my hand" (pg 50). This is set out to make the chapter more unusual for th reader and also convince the reader that he's in control of his own situation through the use of numbers and language like 'weight' to help him. Joe also seems to go off into panicking monologues, such as page 47 at the top. McEwan uses short sentences again, but having a different meaning and effect, with creating a sence of panic and turbulence, also increasing the pace of the reading and seem to be erratic and uncorrelated, representing Joe's thoughts. In

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