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1. Executive Summary An intensive analysis of the case study reveals that this project that is in a state of disarray as far as basic project management principles are concerned. The Trophy Project implementation is currently experiencing excessive expenditure as cost overruns , project schedules on slippage from its initiation phase, inadequate resource allocation and overall poor project performance. These problematic elements collectively points to the lack of project scope identification and development (project scope).Within these present circumstances, we invariably encounter an unsatisfied customer (customer satisfaction). Figure 1: Adapted from M1, Overview of Project Management The above mentioned dysfunctional elements within the project triad are the results of the problematic operational execution of the Trophy Project. However, and more importantly, we can furthermore assess that various strategic dimensions of the organisation are not in place to effectively secure a solid foundation for successful project delivery to the customer. 2. Introduction: The Trophy project is a project that experienced challenges from its inception right through to completion. The case does not give us the background of the company concerned, but we do learn a great deal about the company through the events that unfolded from the time Reichart was appointed as project manager, to the point where a third project manager was appointed. At the time of completion, the Trophy project was already one year behind schedule and at 40 percent cost overrun. 2.1. Challenges • In the case study we discovered that Functional managers were charging direct labour cost to the trophy project while working on other “pet” projects. • Staff appointed to work on the trophy project was inadequate to complete the project, even after Reichart presented the challenges to the

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