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Introduction This case is about a 57 year old man name Joe Petersen who works at a local automobile dealership. He suffers with arthritis and has trouble with pain in his ankles knees, and hips. Joe also has a problem working in extreme heat and carry large items back and forth throughout the work area. His boss has threatened to fire him because of his inability to perform some of his duties. They have decided to take the situation to the dealership manager and the Human Resource representative will be present. Issues Addressed The following issues that should be addressed at the meeting are what Joe’s responsibilities is, how hazardous is the work he is asked to perform and what are the company’s guidelines for his position. Did Joe receive something in writing to describe his job duties and did the company know about his limitations before he was hired. The main issues include discrepancies in the building what changes need to be made to ensure a safety and healthy environment. Joe has been exposed to several possible work-related accident and maybe some illnesses. The Health Act is supposed to assure every person a safe and healthful working condition and preserve human recourses. (Goetsch, 2010) There is a potential for several workplace accidents that management has continued to ignore. Answering the Questions A comprehensive uniform law is needed to reduce the work related injuries, illnesses and deaths. (Goetsch, 2010) In compliance with the OSHA mission management need to improve the workplace safety by changing the place they store inventory. Providing a safer and less hazardous place is the responsibility of management and the lack of concern or action could cause the company to pay unwanted compensations to the employee. The company should consider an alternative to the storage space for the inventory. The company needs to put

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