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A Natural Born Leader Mercedez Fambro Coll100 APUS Deborah Cloonan A Natural Born Leader As far back as kindergarten, I’ve been a leader. If my friends and I played school, I had to be the teacher. My family always told me that no children wanted to play with a “bossy” little girl. It wasn’t until recently that I learned to embrace my bossiness. That’s when I realized that becoming a restaurant owner was my true calling. I decided to pursue a degree in Hospitality so that I could own a restaurant and put my leadership skills to use. My degree will help me be better prepared for business ownership and for leading others. I’ve always known that I like to cook, but I’ve never thought about working for myself and hiring people to work for me. Getting this degree and opening a business, not only ensures a career for me, but for others who have the same eye for food as I do. I recently took, both, a learning style and GEMS survey in class. The learning style tests, helped to me discover that I was a visual learner. I think that people who love to prepare food are visual and hands on learners, such as me. I can see and taste a dish once and mimic it, almost to perfection. When I became aware of my learning style, it made sense to me why I love food so much. With me being a visual learner, and considering the fact, that to prepare food, you have to be hands on. Ever heard the saying “we eat with our eyes”, well, think about it, when you are at a buffet or a dinner, you eat what looks appealing to your eyes. On the other hand, the GEMS survey confirmed that I was a leader. It specifically stated that I was a “results oriented team player- team captain”. I definitely agree! Like I stated before, I’ve always known I was a leader, I just didn’t know this was a gift and not a curse. I guess personality

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