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Ezell Ware 10-8-14 Philosophy Paper Which of the five traditional philosophies is most like your own philosophy and describe why? What are the general assumptions of your philosophy & why do you think it matches your beliefs the best? The five steps of Philosophy, idealism is most like the one I possess. What leads me to say that idealism is most like my own philosophy is that it deals with personality. Having a great and strong personality affects you positively in every situation with people you will face in your physical education career. Without a reasonable personality, dealing with certain people can be hard. The general idea of idealism is the process of the personality and mind. My belief is that talking is the way to earn respect with students and adults. Idealism is mainly on personality coming together agreeing with my belief and my philosophy choice. What is your philosophy of Physical Education? What should students learn and how should they learn it? What will you focus on teaching? My philosophy of physical education is that its the right thing to do to help better the health of our nation .Students will learn the proper way to breath and stretch also the importance of that. By doing this I will focus on teaching my students a fun entertaining way to exercise to better their health and to help build there foundation. I will also focus on stressing to my students that staying physically active is a great way to better their lives. What kind of Physical Educator do you wish to be? How would you like your PE students to describe you as a teacher? The educator I want to be is a strength coach. I would like for my students to describe me as hardworking and a great motivator every one of my students should my method. Also, I would like for them to describe me as a role model by setting a good example of staying physically active myself. I

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