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Growing up, I was always the spoiled one. I’m the only girl, whom is youngest of four. Being the youngest of four essentially created a monster that had a tendency to be lazy and not know how to do simple tasks, because others around me were always doing them for me. This created a major delay on my independence, and my ability to become my own person. Not doing my own chores made it much harder for me to learn how to be independent. Why would I do the dishes, laundry, or even cook for myself when I had other people who were willing to do it for me? To me, this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’m able to do whatever I want while others are hard at work. This may sound cocky or somewhat rude, but it's simply the way I've been living my life for the past eighteen years. The only chores I've ever really had is to keep my bedroom as well as my bathroom squeaky clean. Oh, and to enjoy the luxuries given to me by the rest of my family. (Having clean clothes, a nice smelling house, warm dinners every night, ect.) Dinner was always a chore that had always been done for me. Someone else cooked, set the table, and did the dishes all while I just enjoyed my meal. Whenever I come home, dinner is waiting for me at the table, freshly cooked by my mom. If it isn’t, or I don't like what's been cooked, I will go out to eat. Ever since I can remember, I've refused to try new foods. My parents were not careless or lazy, they tried as hard as they could to get me to eat foods that I've never had. Eventually my parents gave up on trying to get me to expand my variety of foods that I liked. If I don’t like it, or don't think I'd like it, I simply won’t eat it. It's almost a fear of unknown foods. One night when I was ten, green beans were a part of my family’s dinner. The look and smell of green beans disgusted me, so I refused. My dad finally said to me: “You need to try

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