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Criterion A The social/ethical issue related to the online monitoring system is privacy for the children. The system is being used by the parents to view what is the history of what their children are doing, however as mentioned in the article some children view that as spying and is a breach of their privacy. The primary stakeholder relevant to the system are the children. The system is being used by their parents to monitor their internet activity, without the system it would be much more difficult to do that. The information and archive of their activities are saved on this system. Criterion B The parent must first authenticate their access to this software so that the data stays confidential to the parents and no other user. The software will prompt a username and password to be input in order to access the software. The parents must then input both fields, once that has been done, the data-base will compare that data to the data which has been stored and encrypted on it. If there is a match, they are granted access, if not, an interrupt will be shown asking them to try again. Once authenticated access, they may view the archive of the activities, with the date, transaction and website that it was done on. If the son has surfed inappropriate or unknown websites, the parent can click on the link and check the website out. The social/ethical concern described in criterion A was privacy. The software is use to monitor the kid’s surfing of the internet. It is updated on real time and archives activities from other days. The parent uses the software to monitor the children and that might be an invasion of privacy. As mentioned in PC magazine, the children must be told that they are being followed or else it will be an invasion of privacy. Criterion C This system is a very beneficial one, especially if the parents engaged the children before

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