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• “ She had full, rouged lips and wide spaced eyes, heavily made up, her finger nails were red.” Showing her physical description. • “Lennie watched her fascinated” this is showing how pretty she is. • “Jesus what a tramp” showing how George doesn’t approve of her. • “ I could get you strung up a tree so easily it aint even funny”, this is showing how she has a higher status than crooks and she is racist. • “ I get awful lonely sometimes “ showing how the other people stay out of her way and don’t like her. • “ But your kinda nice fella, jus a big baby” showing her feelings and kindness towards Lennie. • “ he says he gonna put me in the movies”. Showing that she had dream and that it didn’t come true, this then could give us and idea why she is so mean to other people in the ranch. • “ her body flopped like a fish” showing her helplessness towards Lennie. • “I never get to talk to no, body” again showing that people avoid her and don’t talk to her, maybe because of fear of Curley. • “le go she cried, le go” again showing us that she is helpless against Lennie. Introduction: Curley’s wife is an important character in ‘Of mice and men’. She is the only female character who appears in the novel and it is her death that ultimately leads to the events of the tragic ending. - Curley’s wife is shown as an important character as she plays a lot of main parts in the book, and the things she says plays an important part in the book ‘I don’t like Curley, he ain’t a nice fella’ this shows that maybe she has regrets about marrying him, and that because she didn’t carry on with her dreams and ambitions, which is one of the themes in the book, that’s why she ended up on the ranch feeling ‘lonely’ she says which is also another theme in the book. - Curley’s wife happens to appear when all the big events happen in the novel; most of the time when Lennie

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