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Three historical figures, all completely different but yet are all connected by the crude, barbaric way of life in the eighteenth and nineteenth century.   Sojourner Truth, Helen Keller, and Annie Sullivan all changed the course of history forever.   In a time were so many injustices to class were being made these three woman proved by fighting against stereotype how inhumane and unpractical this way of life was to the human race. Helen Keller, a girl who was deaf and blind, found a way to communicate. Anne Sullivan, teacher, was Helens mentor eventually taught Helen how to have relationship with the outside world. Sojourner Truth, a standard slave during the 1800s ended her life with more success than many white persons at that time period did. She made a visit to Abraham Lincoln, and paying a mortgage on a home to support all the family she had left in the world. The similarities all three women have are the disadvantages on life that was given to them at birth. In the 19th century both the north and the south opposed public education. Sojourner Truth was not given the privilege of an education due to the title of being a slave. And Helen Keller was looked at as a dead end due to her life long battle without hearing or vision.   Their lives would have greatly differed if given the opportunity of education, because she would have learned something other than just obedience and religion.

Annie Sullivan had decided a necessary step for Helen to learn and live in the society of the 19th century was to teach her obedience. Was this Ironic? Due to Annie’s resentment towards the Perkins Institute for the Blind one would think so. Wolff states that Annie, “was seen as a radical: Pro- Irish, anti Protestant establishment, more interested in independence than receiving charity.”(pg. 188 Wolff)   Why is it that Annie insisted on teaching Helen the idea of obedience? I believe that it’s because after all of Annie’s own experiences she knew that there was...

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