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Lab. Report

Name:   Eden Cohen
Title:   Investigating Pigments
Teacher:   Dr.Douglas
Date:   10/30/11

Investigating Pigments

    In this experiment, I wanted to observe the effect on parsley, mushrooms, and beet leaves from pigment. My hypothesis is that the rubbing alcohol in the parsley will become green. In the mushrooms it will become brown, and in the beet leaves it will become light green. For the filter paper strips, the one with parsley liquid will become light green from the effect of pigment. The filter strip with mushroom liquid will become an orange like color. The last filter strip with the beet leaf liquid will become a light pink color.
    The materials I used were safety goggles to protect your eyes, parsley, mushrooms, and beet leaves as the substances. You'll also need three plastic cups, six plastic spoons, scissors, and tape. Some rubbing alcohol, a dropper, three pencils, and a towel. The procedure is to first make to charts one for the filter paper strips and one for the substances:
Test Material | Color of liquid | Predictions | Observations |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |

Test Material | Color of liquid | Predictions | Observations |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |

Put your safety goggles on and place a few parsley leaves into one cup. Use the scissors to cut them into small pieces. Add 2-3 drops full of rubbing alcohol. Crush the leaves in the alcohol with the back of a spoon. Observe and record the color of the alcohol solution. Use a toothpick to place a drop of parsley liquid about 0.5cm from the bottom of a filter paper strip. When the drop is dry, place a second drop of the liquid on top of the first one. Do the same for two more drops. Label a strip with the letter P. Tape it to a pencil. Repeat these steps with the mushroom and beet leaves, but, label the strips M and B. Fill three plastic cups with about 1cm of rubbing alcohol. Place one pencil across the top of each cup of...

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