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Technology!??! Who couldnt live without technology ? Unfortunaly this is what are world has came too today, everyone is addicted to technology we use it everyday we text people, we call people and we use the internet to help us with are daily struggles. Its all around us and theres no excaping it. I believe that everyone needs technolgy and it has came and taken over and i has no plans on leaving. First of all technology keeps me in contact with my friends and family everyday. Everyday I use my cell phone to call my mom after school to come and pick me up or I text my friends to ask them about the homework. Having a cell phone is such an easy convenience and it helps me get through my day. Everyone in my life can get in contact with me in a blink of an eye if someone is in trouble and i really like that. It keeps me informed instead of not knowing whats going on. Pursuing this further some people think technology has had a negative effect on society. They say now that we don't have friends in are real lifes we have are internet friends who we meet online and talk to everyday making it harder for us to have a real conversation without a keyboard infront of us. It takes are social skills away and makes us uncomfortable around people. When we use a computer or cell phone to connect with people it makes us feel free like no one can judge us through a computer but in person it can be scary. Thinking "what will they think about me? Are they going to judge me?" and the computer is an easy escape but its not always safe. A lot of bad things can happen on the internet that we need to be careful of. Lastly the internet helps us with our daily struggles. If I need help spelling a word or I need to look up a famous person all i have to do is go to my computer. People use the internet for more than that though, they can find their lost long cousin in brazil that they

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