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Class Period

Title of Book
Author of Book
Number of Pages

Choose three specific settings in the book.   Carefully describe each setting, using quotes from the book as necessary.   Explain how each setting is significant to the story and how each setting impacts the mood.   Use quotes from the novel to back up your assertions.

Identify and describe three characters from your novel.   Fully describe each character, including details such as physical appearance, personal beliefs, overall attitudes, relationships with others, etc.   What role does each character play in the book?   Prove your points by using quotes from the book.

Using the classic areas of conflict (man vs. man, man vs. nature, man vs. the supernatural, and man vs. self), detail how two of them apply to your book.   Use quotes as necessary.

Major Themes
Using your Universal Themes list (found in your TEA Chart packet), choose two of the themes that can be found in your book.   Be sure to explain completely how they function in the story, using quotes as necessary.

Overall Concept
Find a quotation from your novel that could be considered representative of the book as a whole.   Not only will you need to quote the book, but you will also need to completely explain why it is an important quote.

In 250-300 words, explain what happens in the book from beginning to end.   Include major occurrences and turning points and tell how the story concludes.

Reality Check
Fully address the following questions:
Why did you choose this book?   Did it hold your attention?   Would you suggest it to someone else?
Relate either a specific part of the book or the novel as a whole to your life or to a real-world scenario.
Choose a character with whom you can draw similarities to yourself or someone you know.   How are you (or a person you know) like your chosen character?

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