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  • on March 3, 2012
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There is no doubt that media has a large influence on society especially on matters of sexuality some are good influences while other lack logic. Movies, Internet and music all express sexuality to their audience. Media has opened the door to more sexuality than in the past. With the ease of access to movies and the Internet trying to hide sex and sexuality is difficult. Musician’s songs especially in the genre of rap sex are used as a symbol of power and some teenagers believe that is the truth. On the Internet sexual messages and pop ups in front of them, meet other singles in your neighbor- hood tonight just waiting for you.
There are some good messages that come out of media. There are television, Internet and radio stations promoting a more healthy sexual approach. Shows are now showing the reality behind choices of sex. Teenage mothers and fathers with the struggles ahead of them, the truth how others will now view and treat them and the emotional strain it can put on someone. These are more of the truths behind sex that offer ways to help a young man or women to teach them about sexuality. The more media is able to educate today’s youth the more they can influence a healthy future.
When I was younger sex was more taboo than now, I remember how sexually explicit “Top Gun” was during a kissing scene all because the actors showed kissing with their tongues. Media did not become a factor until my later years once the Internet and home computers became more available. Television shows did not portray sex as an open topic, while it was hinted toward I do not remember sex referred to as bluntly as it is now.   Once I was able to look up information on my own not worrying about others knowing what I was looking up, I felt more open to answering my own questions about sex.
The media today does have some moral issues to work out, it seems the more sex the better and while a few promote healthy others exploit a negative sexuality. To stop all sexual material...

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