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Devante Walker English 102 Final Information Report 4/28/2011 “ Homeless in Society” What is being homeless and where exactly does it happen you may ask? Being homeless is a condition that a person has when they have no home or can’t maintain a safe stable environment( Hanson). In this information report, you will be educated on why many people have open arms to helping others and why others shun when asked to help a homeless person. Homeless happens every where especially in low-income neighborhoods where there aren’t enough available resources to help people out( Wooten). Why do people shun at the fact of being homeless? In the article, “ My Experience with Homeless” , Sarah Wooten talks about when given money, she often at times would spend it on beer or drugs, but never to provide a stable environment for herself. Towards the end of her state of being homeless, she realized that if she could stand on a corner all day and beg for money, then she could get a job and support herself for a better life(Wooten). While on the streets, Sarah often got categorized as a lazy person who deserved nothing more than what she put out.( My experience with homeless) Then there are people who would do anything they can to help other people out. For this reason is they are also close to being homeless and believe if they help someone else out, they wont end up in the same position(Canstuction Zone). They also may know someone real close, like a family member or friend, who is or has been without a home. Then there are others who believe they will be rewarded in the future if they ever fall into the same place as others sometimes do(Beshore). Lastly , it is common sense to help a person in need whether they use the help in the right way because you can sleep better at night knowing you at least tried to help(Beshore). There a lot of other reasons to be for and

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