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Today International trade is booming, which leads to an increase in global competition. Foreign firms are expanding intensively into new international and domestic markets are no longer as prosperous in opportunity. There are some factors that illustrate a company into the international arena. Global competitors might assault the company's domestic market by providing superior products at lower prices. The companies can counterattack these competitors in their domestic markets through tie up of their resources or the companies might find out foreign markets that provide higher profit opportunities than the domestic market does. Before expanding to the foreign countries, a company must consider various risks and answer various questions about its capacity to operate globally. The company should try to determine its global marketing policies and objectives. The most companies start with exporting, using either indirect exporting or direct exporting, or can go through a joint venture, through licensing, management contracting, contract manufacturing, and joint ownership. Finally, a company can make a direct venture by developing manufacturing facilities. Each entry carries its own risks and rewards; the company must consider these cautiously before making final decisions. Joint venturing occurs when the company joins with the foreign companies to produce market services. Joint venture is different from exporting in that the company's link is made with a host country's partner to sell abroad or to market abroad. 

Exporting: In exporting, comes directly exporting of home made products in the foreign country. There are two types of approaches of exporting to another nation and these are using direct and indirect means. In direct exporting, the organization makes a commitment to market overseas on organization's behalf. If business needs to employ a home country agency to initiate the company's products into a global market, then company would export indirectly....

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