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Holocaust HIS104 I would like to ask you to think of the most horrific thing that has ever happened to you in your life. Think about how it made you feel, your reaction to it and the pain that you felt from that experience. You wouldn’t even want your worst enemy to have experienced it. This is likely what could have been said about The Holocaust. For some it was the worst day imaginable, the most terrible thing ever experienced. As if having a bad dream that they wanted to be awakened from. Six-million lives taken, that’s including women, men, boys, and girls; they were massacred, sacrificed by fire. This paper will detail the bloodthirsty, nonsensical, catastrophic events of The Holocaust and the agitators (Adolf Hitler and the Nazis) who came to supremacy in January 1933. Germans believed that they were racially superior and any other race was inferior to them. This posed a problem for the Jews because they outnumbered the Germans, in 1933 they had a population total of about nine million, so the Germans felt threatened, thus the reasoning for the Holocaust; they were taking out the competition. The Germans apparently had issues with people that didn’t look like them, no blue eyes, no blonde hair. It was not just Jews; it was the Roma or Gypsies, the disabled, the Slavic people, which were the Poles, Russians, and others. The Germans also had issues with Communists, Socialists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Homosexuals. There were other groups victimized for different reasons, political, ideological, and behavioral (“The Holocaust”). Although the Germans had issues with many other groups, the Jews were the most sought after. Between 1933-1945 Anti-Semitism arose because of the traditions and the culture prejudice and hatred appeared in the eyes of the Germans toward the Jews. Many political advantages were placed in the hands of the Germans during this period

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