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Martha Nussbaum, believes that acts, novels and short stories are extremely important, in which they put real emotion in moral issues which are just broad statement which philosophers convene. Nussbaum argues that philosophers lack a connection, thus giving the reader a “cooked” description of the text, were novels can give a reader different views, by living thru others peoples life in novels we can relate to our own lives Nussbaum excerpt explains that novels are better suit for real world situations; she believes that “so long as they involve their readers in relevant activities of searching and feeling”. (“Nussbaum”, 28) Philosophers give us question to ask or think about, in which they ponder and “create”, so when examining a philosophers question it leaves us with a very narrow answer that we conceive. So most examples are not going to be relative and not allowing us to explore further, unlike novels or short stories, in which depending on the reader can have different interpretation. From reading Nussbaum text, she believes that question form from complexity, which only a novel can achieve that. Nussbaum’s said, “Novels are more open-ended, showing the reader what it is to search for the appropriate description and why that search matters.” (“Nussbaum”, 29) Novels even being fiction are just our own every day live and adventures that we might encounter, but in novels “they characterize life more richly and truly.” So giving us a personal connection. By reading novels each reader can have his or her own view and options depending on how they chose to understand the text Martha Nussbaum. “Primary Reading: Love Knowledge.” Excerpt,

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