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Nguyen Nguyen Ms. Mayhew - English II Hour: 6th 10/17/11 Liberty perspective of the meeting with Equality We, Liberty 5-3000, have been assigned to work in the Home of the Peasants on the soil. One day, when we carelessly worked on the soil throwing the seeds, we saw them. They were all alone by the hedge watching us as we were on the fields. The only thing between us were a hedge that separated us from the road. Then we heard our names be called by one of our sister, we just turned back and walked away. As time went by, we saw them that stood alone by the hedge. Every morning thereafter, we greeted each other with our eyes. And they would stand at the hedge, and raise their hand to their forehead and then moved it slowly, palm down, toward us . No one would understand what they did, but some how except us could. So we raised our hand and greeted back. Then one day at we were kneeling alone at the moat which ran through the field. We saw them standing alone near the hedge looking at us. We tried to stand up and walk away but some how our heart pulled us toward them. At they looked straight upon us and they said: “ You are beautiful, Liberty 5-3000.” We did not move and we did not avert our eyes for we were stun when we hear these word for no one ever say it to us . Then we asked: "What is your name?" Equality 7-2521," they answered. And we said to them that we were dying to say what is in our heart for so long that we couldn’t count. "You are not one of our brothers, Equality 7-2521, for we do not wish you to be. Then they answered us at we would have expected they would :"No ," they answered, "nor are you one of our sisters." We were happy for knowing they were sharing the same feeling at us were. Then we asked: "Are the Street Sweepers sent to different parts of the City or do they always work in the same places?" for there is something inside us dying to

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