Pantene Comercial Evaluation

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There is these extraordinary Pantene commercial that attached that captured my attention. These commercial is different from other shampoo commercials, because it brings out how being confident with yourself could take you anywhere you want. It’s related to fashion and since now in day’s women do so many chemicals in their hair, because they want to shine those are the benefits of these product. It comes with a little story that attracts the audience with the story of the little girl; after watching the commercial everyone is captured and see the benefits of the use of the shampoo. There is different types of shampoos and most of the ads are a like they show how the hair is at the beginning and how is after you used their product. It’s very competitive now in days to select the best brand that would protect your hair and make it shine. The commercials is about 5 minutes long is longer than regular ads and it doesn’t contain a lot of words on it because there is not enough words to explain the benefits you get from these ad. The ad is based in a short sentimental and mean story and since girls now in days they care so much about their hair the get attached to the story. The story show how a deaf mute girl shine eve thou she was mistreat it and bullied because of her disabilities. She loved playing the violin, but other people tough she was crazy. After watching this ad the main point of the commercial is showed clearly to the audience. The girl from the story of the ad persevere after she had so many obstacles to go through she did what she loved the most and not just that she was the best one of the presentation. Firstly, Pantene shampoo ad demonstrates that with its product girls can feel more comfortable and have a fashionable hair. The ad is based in the deaf- mute girl with perseverance, confidence and strength to overcome adversity. At the moment that the
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