Panic Disorder Essay

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what is Borderline Personality Disorder? Introduction Panic is a common experience to all people but it affects millions of people world wide. Now that winter season has come weather forecast like hurricane sandy has the tendency to bring panic. Even News about a dangerous person on the chase down one’s the street call for panic. In fact September 11, 2001, saga is the most well know panic event in our national history. Panic comes in many different forms but this study is to discuss panic as a continuous experience (habit) that turned into a disorder. Since people are unique and, what make a person to panic may not cause panic in another person, a working definition is necessary. Social Scientists takes words used to define a concept too serious so it will be good to put forth more than one definition. The key elements in this overview include the meaning, the examples, symptoms, and treatment of panic disorder. I. Definition It is important that we find a working definition for panic disorder because it is a serious health issues for old and young. Here are list of definitions. A concise definition by Dr. John W. Santrock, behavior and brain science Professor at University of Texas, Dallas, who has done extension teaching and research in human development And life-span is the first. He said, “Panic disorder is an anxiety disorder by the recurrent sudden onset of intense apprehension or terror.” Page 528. Bernstein, on his part he see “panic disorder as a form or type of anxiety disorder category”. For him all of this can be seen as psychological disorder by classification because it deals with abnormal behavior related to the mind (Bernstein page 531). Psychology today, provides another straightforward definition. “Panic disorder is characterized by uncontrolled episode of fear and its

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