Panhandle Case Study

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Panhandle: A narrow strip of territory projecting from the main territory of one state into another. Location On Tuesday, August 23, 2005 a storm located near the south of Bahamas called Tropical Depression 10 reacted with a tropical wave creating an intense tropical storm. The day after on Wednesday a tropical storm in the Caribbean was called Katrina, the Thursday after the storm had grown to the size of a Hurricane. Later that day, Katrina was blown to the shore of the east coast of Florida and killed four people and left approximately 1,000,000 people without power. It was expected to hit the panhandle next, while it was travelling at tremendous speeds through the eastern gulf of Mexico. On the Friday the same week Katrina…show more content…
This left the remaining buildings gutted to the third and fourth story. Gambling barges became effective torpedoes, destroying buildings as they were washed up to 500feet inland by the waves and storm surges. New Orleans On Monday, 29 August, 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans knocked out all power and submerged the low lying city in um to 6 feet (2 meters) of rising water. Katrina tore part of the roof of the roof of a stadium, where many sought refuge. At this point in it's journey Katrina was a category 2 hurricane and brought winds of of 105 miles per hour or 170 kilometres hour. Walls of water were seen running down skyscrapers like water falls and cars were hurled into buildings by the catastrophic winds. Causes All hurricanes start in tropical waters, this s because they can only form in warm water environments. Hurricane Katrina started because the wind and air conditions were perfect. However hurricanes can start but not cause any damage as they never complete their journey to land this is because for a hurricane to move it must be pushed by very strong
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