Pandora Jewelry Essay

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PANDORA Jewelry Businesses will do almost anything to advertise their product. The following two advertisements for PANDORA jewelry can be found in the August and September 2012 Shape magazine. The magazine is for women looking for ways to be healthy. In this essay, advertisement 1 will be referred to as “travel” and advertisement 2 will be referred to as “Lauren”. The “travel” advertisement shows a bracelet with many trinkets that are from around the world and the “Lauren” advertisement shows a bracelet that is specifically designed for one person. That is what each of these advertisements demonstrate, the many likes and dislikes women have with regards to bracelets. The “travel” advertisement is better, because it focuses on the memories obtained from traveling the world. The main focus in the “Lauren” advertisement is how the PANDORA jewelry reflects a particular person’s life. The “travel” advertisement had a map of the world in the upper corner and a picture of a PANDORA bracelet. The following blurb “Celebrate your love of travel and world’s remarkable cities with PANDORA’s collection” would explore a women’s imagination to make her feel like she could be in any part of the world if she owned a PANDORA bracelet. Readers around the world could feel like someone really loved them if they purchased a PANDORA bracelet. The “Lauren” advertisement was being centered on one person and that was a reader whose name was Lauren. The “My Story, My Design” would be a bandwagon technique. The “Lauren” advertisement wanted readers to create their own bracelet so it would reflect “who I am”, “where I’ve been” and “where I am going”. When comparing the advertisements for this essay, both the “travel” and the “Lauren” advertisement displayed a huge photo of the PANDORA bracelet. A reader would only remember the bracelet and nothing else. The PANDORA
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