Pandas Essay

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Pandas are an endangered and unique species. There are three main reasons why pandas are endangered. One is they are poached, two is destruction of their habitat, three is their lack of reproduction. Poaching pandas is a big deal in Japan .If you caught poaching pandas you are either put in jail for life or executed. People will pay $200,000 for a panda rug; this type of payment is what engorges poachers. People in the past have poached pandas for exhibitions in zoos or their soft and valuable skin. They have also been poached for museums or private collections. Mostly poachers or smugglers poach pandas for their pelts, because of the high sums people will pay. Pandas lack in reproduction, therefore there numbers decrease with each passing generation. The two main reasons why pandas lack in reproduction is because male pandas only have one sperm and female pandas can only get pregnant a few days out of the year. When pandas are brought into captivity they lose interest in each other. Probably the biggest reason why pandas are endangered is because their habitats, large natural forests, are being destroyed for agriculture and homes. Habitat occupied by pandas, shrank by 50% between 1974 and 1989. Since pandas eat 99% bamboo, the periodic bamboo flowering and die-off episodes are the most dangerous times for them. The periodic bamboo flowering and die-off episodes, is when the bamboo plants spread their seeds and die, this happens every 80-100 years. Usually the pandas would migrate, but because of the enclosed areas they have been given they are unable to find other bamboo habitats, causing many pandas to die of starvation. As you have seen the numbers of pandas are decreasing with each passing year. The cause of this is because of these three main reasons, one is they are poached, two is destruction of their habitat, three is their lack of

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