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Halloween dates back to the Celtic festival of Samhain. The festival was celebrated in what is now modern day Ireland. Back then they used to celebrate their New Year on November 1st. They believed this day was the end of summer and harvest, so they had to prepare for the harsh winter. On October 31st they believed the spirits had returned to earth. The Celts would burn crops and sacrifice animals, while wearing costumes. The Roman Empire had conquered majority of the Celtic territory which eventually ended up in spreading Christianity throughout the land. The church then made November 2nd “All Souls Day”, a day to honor the dead. All Saints Day was starting to be called All Hallows Day. From then it was called All Hallows Eve, then later on Halloween. Eventually the celebration would continue in America. Halloween wasn’t celebrated in the New England colonies because of their beliefs. People in the south and in Maryland celebrated this holiday. The American way of celebrating Halloween was different from elsewhere. They would dress up and act out plays of harvesting. Many Irish migrated to America because of the potato famine and America would later on celebrate their customs of Halloween. The Americans would dress up and go from door to door asking for food and money which developed into trick-or-treating. Americans wanted to turn Halloween into more of a celebration and a reason for people to get together. This brought the parties, festivals of the young adults, and carving jack-o-lanterns. Jack-o-Lanterns have been around for centuries. Jack-o-Lanterns developed over a myth about a man named “Stingy Jack”. “Stingy Jack” played many tricks on the devil that he did not like. When Jack died neither God nor the devil accepted Jack and gave Jack a burning coal to find his way. Jack put the burning coal in a carved turnip and walked about Earth. People of

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