Pancreatic Cancer Essay

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Diagnosing pancreatic cancer early is very hard. Your Pancreas is deep inside your body, so it makes finding tumors, by feeling and seeing impossible. Usually by time the patient has symptoms the cancer has spread to other organs. This is the main reason why people with pancreatic cancer has such a poor outlook. As of right now there is no blood testing that can be done to easily find this cancer early in people without symptoms. Endoscopic ultra is being reviewed by doctors to see if it would be helpful to use for people with a high rick of pancreatic cancer. There are certain test that can be done for people with a strong family history of pancreatic cancer. If you or a family member know that pancreatic cancer runs in your family I highly recommend getting checked. Test to find Pancreatic cancer consist of many things. A history and physical exam will be done. The doctor with focus mostly on the abdominalarea.This cancer can spread to your lymph nodes and/or liver and cause swelling. The skin and whites of your eyes will be checked for jaundice (yellowish color). Imaging testing may also be done. CT Scans are an image test. CT Scans are a type of x-ray that creates detailed images of inside your body. These test are very useful in finding cancer, and seeing if it has spread to other organs in your body. This process is also called staging. CT Scans can see the pancreas very clear and it can often tell if there is cancer, and if surgery is a good treatment option. Another imaging test that can be performed is called an MRI which is a magnetic resonace imaging. MRI scans use radio waves instead of x-rays to take pictures. MRI are very good at using to look at your brain and spinal cord. An MRI usually takes longer than a CT Scan up to about an hour in difference. You would also have to lay in a narrow tube, which may frighten some. PET Scans are also known as
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