Pancho Villa's Life

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Pancho villa was born june 5 ,1878 at Hacienda Del Rio Grande , san juan del rio in Durango,mexico.his real name was not Pancho Villa, he got that name later in his life .His parents gave him the name Doroteo Arango. Doroteos parents, Arango and Michaela Arambula. They where luky to be married obecause the costwas a great deal of money they need it to be paid to the hacienda owner. They work in a hacienda as share croopers. The wages for the work was extremely low. Doroteo never had school education so he learn how to ride a horse and have a deadly presicion with guns. When arango was 12 his father die and he took care of his family. He paid almost all the debts His father had. One day coming back from work he found the owner of the…show more content…
Later the anti reelection party gave Madero the title of candidate of presidency. Dias knew madero was a obstacle from him so he got him arrested. Abraham Gonzales a strong maderista follower started to recruit guerrilleros leaders. In September 1910 he send pancho villa. When Gonzales explain maderos cause villa was very impressed that some one was daring Diaz presidency. That thought changed from that moment villas whole life from bandit to a revolutionary hero. Villa promise to recruit the needed army. He recruited peons, bandits, and even American who were in support of the Mexican revolution . Madero escaped from prision in octuber of that same year. Madero scaped to san Antonio texas and named him self provisional president. Madero call the Mexican to disclose the land owner and get the land back. Villa recive a letter from Gonzales that authorize the attack. Villa started with small towns and gibe the land who worked it. His first attack was in San Andres Chihuahua. He claimed the victory for maderos and the revolution. In march in 1911 villa and his army meet madero. Villa described madero as a rich person who cares for other people. After talking several hours madero decided to absolve villas crimes for all the good things he did. Pancho continued to raid towns and won almost all the battles. A year later he
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