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Panama Canal Essay

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  • on December 3, 2013
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The Labor and Workforce of the Great Panama Canal

Throughout world history, numerous modes of transportation were utilized in order for people to get from one place to another. For water transportation, people had different options to get from one place to another such as boats, canoes, and ships. Ever since ships were invented, explorers from all over the world sailed the open seas in the hopes of discovering new places or possibly bringing valuable things back to their country. There were some difficulties, however, when it came to crossing from one body of water to the next in certain parts of the world. Europeans had dreamed of a Central American canal as early as the 16th century. The construction of the canal was important to reduce time and distance traveled between Pacific and the Atlantic so that ships would not have to travel double the distance through Cape Horn.   According to the film from the PBS website about the Panama Canal, the French government had attempted to construct the canal after the Suez Canal’s construction was completed; that inspired them but it failed. The French had first undertaken a project to create the Suez Canal; a project that was successfully completed without much struggle. This motivated the French to rush into starting the construction of the Panama Canal. The building of the canal was not as easy as Suez Canal because the French did not have appropriate procedures and equipment. Many of the French men were getting ill and did not have the appropriate necessities to survive in the panama jungle. France hired another company to undertake the project but still failed although the second company had good strategies that assisted the U.S in completing the task.
Theodore Roosevelt firmly believed in expanding American power in the world. To do this, he wanted a strong navy. And he wanted a way for the navy to sail quickly between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Theodore Roosevelt was interested in building a canal between...

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