Pan's Labyrinth Review

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Pan’s Labyrinth is about an underworld princess who is in love with the human world. She loved it so much she escaped her underworld realm to visit, but the sun blinded her causing her to forget who she was also she became sick and cold. She eventually died on earth, her father the king waited for her daughter to be reborn. The princess’s spirit was born into a girl named Ofelia. Her and her pregnant mother were moving to the countryside of Spain in 1944 with her stepfather who was a ruthless captain in the Spanish army. Later that night a fairy led Ofelia to the labyrinth where she met the old faun who claims to be a faithful servant of her real father. Faun explains to her that she is a princess of the underworld and that she would be put through three challenges to prove that she is ready to come back home to the underworld realm. I think the princess was in love with the human world because it was different from her world. The princess escaped to earth through the labyrinth to visit, I think the sun blinded her because she was not accustom to the light because she is not from earth. The King waited for her return because he loved her and she ran away. The princess was reborn into Ofelia because they’re a lot alike Ofelia, she always ran off on her own to the labyrinth just like the princess ran away to earth. Also because the princess was so fascinated by the earth and Ofelia was always interested in fairy tales and reading books about them because it was a different fantasy every time, and different from her own world as well. Faun thinks that the challenges he puts Ofelia would prove that she is the princess and he’s doing it because he’s a faithful servant of her father. A labyrinth is a flat surface with a specific pattern that doesn’t end. The labyrinth is where Ofelia met Faun and Fauns real name is Pan. Ofelia is a young girl who is thought to be the

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