Pan's Labyrinth

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Pan’s Labyrinth Essay #1 The film seen on Wednesday January 20th was Pan’s Labyrinth. This movie is about a young girl, Ofelia, who is in the setting of wartime in Spain. As her past time, she reads lots of fairy tale stories and soon enough due to her insecurities in this new environment with a new father and new stresses, she creates a fantasy world to feel better and survive the harsh reality. In this world, she meets a faun who gives her three tasks to complete in order to reach immortality and become a princess. Soon enough at the end of the story, the girl is killed by her new father, or the Captain of the army, for taking away his son. Moments before her death, her blood drops into well and she imagines herself being a princess and rejoining with her original father who is the king. This movie can be considered to fall under the category of a classical style of film because this film is very strong in its story, has a main character who continues to move the story along and has very strong production values. It has a clearly defined plot, as mentioned above, with a conflict, which was Ofelia’s fight against the horrid reality, a rising climax, which could be argued as many different scenes such as the task she was given to get the root or the final chase where the Captain chases Ofelia, and finally a resolution or closure, which was when Ofelia dies and becomes a princess of her world. Regarding the shots used in the movie, lots of different shots were used. The extreme long shots were take when scenes in the forest were shown where the audience could see through the forest in between all the trees. Long shots were taken shown when there were scenes of the soldiers on their horses. These weren’t long enough to be considered as an extreme long shot but not small enough to be a medium shot. In addition, there were some medium shots such as many over the

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