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Narrative and Stylistic Analysis of Guillermo Del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth 1. Introduction I have chosen to write this assignment on Guillermo Del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth, as I think it seems like a very interesting movie to work with and take a closer look at. I have been a big fan of the movie for a long time, as I’ve seen it quite a few times, and every time I have see it, I have still managed to find new elements that boggle me and spark a further interest. Furthermore, I think it could be an interesting piece of work to analyze, as there are so many elements and aspects that can be looked into. What fascinates me is also how the more you think about the characters and details, the more you discover on a bigger scale. A common theme in Guillermo Del Toro films is the aspect of fantasy and a how reality does not always be as straightforward as we might seem. With Pan’s Labyrinth, it is, of course, no different, with a dark and grotesque take, leaving the audience with a fairytale for grown-ups. In my assignment I want to make a narrative and stylistic analysis of the movie, trying to figure out how the movie with managing to mix both reality and fiction, drags the audience into this beautiful, yet grotesque universe, and what meaning lies behind it. 2. Approach I will approach this assignment by basing my analyses on chapter five from our Film and/or Media Analysis course book by Gitte Rose and H.C. Christiansen, Analyse af Billedemedier – En Introduktion. I have decided to mainly focus on the narrative analysis of the film, but also touch upon the most important aspects of a stylistic analysis, as this, of course, also is a very crucial part of the assignment as a whole. In order to be able to reach a broader conclusion, I will also briefly look into the movie’s psychological aspect as well as some of the creatures’ symbolism, as I deem both to be important to

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