Pamper Career Woman Essay

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Everyone needs to be pampered furthermore if it's a career woman. Being a career woman is not easy where you have to be in the office to handle difficult tasks, meeting datelines and after that taking over the household chores at home leaving her with no time at all for herself. But that isn't going to help at all when career woman is still a career woman with the need to look presentable and attractive at her work place. Now, all you have to do is free yourself a day in a week, preferably on a Sunday when you don't have to work and meet anyone at all. On this day, it should belong to a day all reserved for you. Rest and relax at home and beautify yourself, pampering to bits and you'll see changes in you when you go to work on a brand new day. This one day will be the day you look after your health and one tips to enjoy your day; be as lazy as you can and stay in bed as long as you want or stay away from your busy phone. More Start your day with a simple breakfast of a glass of orange juice and cornflakes with milk. After that, rest for a moment before locking yourself up in your bathroom for a good relaxing beautifying session. Before you do anything else, let's start with soothing your legs and arms, unnecessary hair on your face, wash and set your hair and finally fix your nails. It's a must-do chore weekly to ensure you're well-groomed. After that you can have a break and take a cup of skimmed milk or tea or coffee and a biscuit. Then you can proceed to take your bath now after a short rest. Fill your bath tub with lukewarm water and add in your favorite essence. Lie there for about 10 minutes thinking of absolutely nothing at all that will make you stress or think of all your happy moments. After enjoying the dip, get out and pat yourself dry before doing facial. Come out from your bathroom refreshed and rejuvenated. Get change and take your

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