Palm Reading Essay

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Palm Reading Palm reading is the technique of personality assessment and predicting the person’s future by examining the features on the palm. It is also called Palmistry or Hand Analysis. The person who reads the palm is called a Palm reader or Palmist. Palm reading is considered as pseudoscience because Science cannot prove anything about palm reading. Palm reading is part of Astrology. It started from Hindu Astrologist and Roma fortunetellers 3,000 years ago. It spread to China and Greek later. Nowadays, the practice has become worldwide. Palmists used to read only lines within the palms; later, mounts and marks on the palm, shape of finger nails and fingers, shape of palms and the skin color of hands came into the study of the palm. Palmists usually start reading the dominant hand of a person because they believe that features on that hand are related to the current life. Then they also read the other hand, which represents karma of the past life. Reading both hands can be more accurate than reading one hand. There are four lines that palmists mainly focus on. The first line is the Heart Line, which starts from the edge under the little finger and flows across until reaching under the index finger. Palmists believe this line is related to the love life, emotion and inner spirit of the person. Another main line is called the Head Line, which runs under the Heart Line. This line represents the intelligence, learning style, communication style and intellect of the person. The other important line is the Life Line, which starts at the edge between thumb and index fingers and runs down until the edge of the wrist. Palmists read that line for the health and the length of life of the person. The Fate Line is also important. It runs next to the Life Line and it represents the Karma and outcome of the present life. Other small lines such as the Travel Lines and
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