Palliative Care Essay

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1. Palliative care is a type of healthcare that focuses on relieving symptoms of illness and preventing suffering of patients. Palliative care is not reserved just for the dying patient. Palliative care is care that relieves the symptoms of disease that negatively affect a patient’s life. This can include things such as hunger, thirst, anxiety, problems sleeping, agitation, nausea, diarrhea, etc. This care focuses on more than just the treatment of the disease. It includes the often-overlooked interventions of turning the patient, feeding, and cleaning the patient. Pain management is one of the most important factors of palliative care. Overall, palliative care is any treatment that does not help to “cure” the disease. (Houghton, 2009) In response to John’s concerns I would tell him that him not authorizing her treatment would not be causing her death, and it would just not be prolonging it. I would remind him that she does not want any treatment to prolong her life. I would explain that mechanical ventilation is necessary to treat her but very uncomfortable for his mother as well. If she were to be given comfort care all measures would be done to make her healthy and comfortable besides the invasive aggressive treatments. 2. Strategies that would be implemented to ensure that Mildred has a good death would be everything that does not include curative measures. Pain management would be implemented on an around the clock basis as to ensure that she does not have any breakthrough pain. Keeping the patient clean and keeping up with good hygiene such as bathing and oral care is another important piece. The patient would be turned and monitored so that no additional problems arise in addition to the medical problems Mildred is already experiencing. A peaceful environment would be kept as well as pastoral services and anything else needed for psychosocial needs. 3.
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