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AN-NAJAH NATIONAL UNIVERSITY _________________________________________________________________________________________ SECTION 16751 CLOCK SYSTEM PART 1 GENERAL 1.01 SCOPE A complete Master Clock System consisting of a master clock and programmer, secondary clocks program signals, wiring, conduit, outlet boxes, signal belts and any interfacing hardware as requried to make a complete operating system as shown on the drawings. 1.02 QUALITY ASSURANCE Manufacturers: Firms regularly engaged in manufacture of system equipment and batteries required, whose products have been in satisfactory use in similar service for not less than 5 years. I. Installer: Qualified with at least 5 years of successful installation experience on projects with UPS equipment installation work similar to that required for project. IEE Compliance: Comply with IEE as applicable to electrical wiring and cabling installation work. NEC Compliance: Comply with applicable requirements in the NEC standards pertaining to types of electrical equipment enclosures. II. III. 1.03 SUBMITTALS Submit shop drawings and product data. Indicate system components, size of components, location and provide full schematic diagram of wiring system showing building and operation details. Submit manufacturer’s installation instruction. Submit manufacturer’s descriptive literature, operating instructions, and maintenance and repair data. Have manufacturer submit, on completion of system verification, a point-by-point check list indicating the date and time of each item ispected and issue a Certificate confirming that the inspection has been completed and the system is installed and functioning in accordance with the specifications. Before completion of the project, submit complete maintenance manual including “As-fitted” drawings product literature, etc. PART 2 PRODUCTS 2.01 OPERATION: The clock system shall

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