Paleolithic Men Essay

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The paleolithic men were the first type of mankind that developed stone tools. This period was significant in technology development because they started the process, from simple stones to fire, bone, etc. The neolithic revolution was the most significant event in the long history of mankind because they were the first people to start off technological advancement. Before the neolithic people, there were no technological advancement. Prehistoric people have just lived the way they did. In the beginning, the very first people in the Paleolithic Age, the homo habilis, were the first stone tool makers. With the first stone tools, the hominids cut meat and cracked open bones. The importance of neolithic revolution is that it started everything; without it, we would not be here, at least not with all the technology we have now. The first people to make stones have developed technology to make survival easier. Fire was invented at the same time too. Fires used to keep the prehistoric people warm in the cold periods and scare away animals. People have also used fired to cook, and assisted in hunting. Think about it for one second, look at the planets time line, all those technological progresses were started about 2.5 million years ago, while the planet is over 14 billion years old. All of that started with the people utilizing stone, bone, and other materials for tools. The neolithic revolution has changed our lives; if the first “Handy Man” did not create a stone tool, who knows how long we would have been stuck here with no technology? On an even more critical note, we could have not even be here, we could of never came up with stone tools, and died out as a human race, giving up the planet to the animals. Oh I'm glad that did not
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