Paleolithic And Neolithic Images

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Prehistoric and Ancient Art Paper
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Paleolithic and Neolithic Images of Humans and Animals To find the purpose in the Paleolithic and Neolithic era images through the humans and animals you have to look at it’s society, how it’s growing and developing. It’s like a story, you can see the thought of the human change, from cave paintings, to figurines, all the way up to images in Paleolithic times from paintings of societies as they are domesticating and becoming one big structure and living together, forming cities and towns, rather than roaming around and following the animals being nomadic, they are now settling down. Paleolithic and Neolithic art are the same. The only difference is Neolithic just has a more advancement to the art and the way of thinking in order to process and create the art. In the Paleolithic and Neolithic ages, images where looked at through cave paintings and figurines. These images were very prominent in the developing cultures, because this was their language and how they communicated between each other, through images and symbols. They weren’t advanced enough yet to form a written language, so you can also say that this was a type of record keeping or a way of saying that we do exist here, since life and the human race was the most important value of life. Paleolithic art falls into two main categories, small figurines and cave art. Paleolithic art is classified as either figurative by depicting animals or humans, and nonfigurative by taking the form of signs and symbols. The small figurines or portable art of the Paleolithic period was carved out of bone, antler, stone or modeled in clay. Paleolithic cave art takes the form of paintings, drawings, and engravings on cave walls. Artistic objects made during the Paleolithic era take place in an important place in history, since this is

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