Palean's Argument Of The Brim River

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In this argument, the arguer conclusion that the so-called Palean baskets were not uniquely Palean sounds reasonable at first thought. After all, he/she does offer some relevant evidence and the assumptions underlying this argument are not without merits. However, the absence of some critical evidence, might seriously undermined the argument. Firstly, the arguer pointed that the Brim river now is very broad and deep, however, he/she does not provide any information about the Brim River in the prehistory time, perhaps the Brim River was a shallow and narrow rivulet, 12 inches in depth and 40 inches in width, and people could easily got across it without any anxillary tools. Or even perhaps the river did not exist in the prehistory time, it did not appeared until one hundred years ago, after days with flood. Without provide such evidence, the author could not drawed the underlying conclusion that villiges could not pass the Brim River.…show more content…
Without giving more specific evidence, the author could not equally assume that the Palean basket were not

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